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Separation Agreement Lawyers LiverpoolIf you have not decided about divorce, or are unable to get divorced at this time, a Separation Agreement can help to settle the day-to-day practicalities of separation. Contact our friendly team on 0151 318 5909 or fill out our online enquiry form.

The decision to separate from a spouse is one that few people would take lightly. In most cases, it will follow a great deal of emotional turmoil for both parties, followed by the realisation that they can no longer sustain their relationship. However, a relationship will in most cases have involved the combination of property, assets and a couple may well have had children together. The prospect of organising how these different aspects of a relationship are to be distributed in a court of law is often an unwelcome one for most people. However, it is possible for you and your spouse to make these decisions yourself, without the need to involve outside parties. This can be done by using a 'Separation Agreement'.

A Separation Agreement is a legal document between you and your spouse, following your decision not to live together anymore. In setting down in writing what you and your spouse agree, each has a very clear understanding of their rights and responsibilities.

What Can I Write Down in a Separation Agreement?

As a matter of law, a Separation Agreement is a kind of contract between spouses. As a result, the parties are entitled to agree to whatever terms are to their mutual satisfaction. In practice, however, parties attempting to create a Separation Agreement will focus their efforts on agreeing to written terms on the following issues:

Dividing property – it is not uncommon that a couple have historically shared their assets during the life of their relationship. It will be important to agree on how these will be divided equally between them.

Children – many relationships will involve children and it will be of particular importance, when creating a Separation Agreement, to set down exactly how care and support of the children will be shared between the parents.

Costs – Separation Agreements are normally created with the intention for parties to seek a divorce from the courts. If this is the case, there should be some indication in the document as to how the parties will cover their respective legal costs.

Separation Agreement for Married Couples

Many separating spouses get decide to get a Separation Agreement before they divorce. This can allow a separating couple to come to an arrangement about the main day-to-day realities of splitting up. A Separation Agreement will usually state which partner is going to continue to live in the house they shared and who will take care of bills and the rent/ mortgage.

This can allow the separating couple to settle these matters without having to plunge into a divorce right away.

Many couples find that a Separation Agreement can make a future divorce faster and cheaper as the main financial issues will have already been sorted out.

What Real Benefit Does a Separation Agreement Offer?

If either party fails to honour the terms of the agreement, the document can be relied upon in court if the circumstances warrant it. While it may not necessarily be binding on a court, it will be persuasive in demonstrating what the parties had agreed between themselves, prior to their separating from one another.

As a Separation Agreement may be enforced in court, it is advisable to seek the advice of an experienced family lawyer before entering into an agreement.

Contact Separation Agreement Lawyers Liverpool

Settlement Agreements are legal documents. As a result, it is important that they are drafted by lawyers that have skills in legal drafting, in order to ensure that your wishes are accurately recorded. At Family Law Liverpool, our lawyers are routinely involved in the negotiation and creation of Settlement Agreement for couples that have decided to terminate their relationship.

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