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Child Custody and Child Contact Lawyers Liverpool

Child custody lawyers liverpool

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The Court can determine a number of decisions about children including where they live, contact with parents / grandparents and who can make important decisions.

What can the Court do?

The Court will not interfere with arrangements made between parents, which are suitable and do not raise any welfare concerns. If, however, the parents are not able to agree on such matters, there are a number of difficult Orders that the Court can make, including:

  • Child Arrangements Order – to state where a child lives and when a child gets to spend time with their parents
  • Specific Issue Order – to determine a specific concern, for example which school a child should attend
  • Prohibited Steps Order – to prevent a certain action, for example whether a child can leave the jurisdiction to go on holiday
  • Parental Responsibility Order – to grant Parental Responsibility to a parent / guardian allowing them to make decisions about a child

The overriding concern for the Court is the best interests of a child.

How can we help?

Family Law Liverpool take a caring and pragmatic approach when helping families to difficult situations. We understand that family law matters can be very sensitive, particularly when children are involved. Our team provide straightforward and confidential advice.

Child Custody Lawyers Liverpool

If you have any concerns or questions about child custody or if you feel you are not being granted proper access to your child, contact our friendly family lawyers today. We are proud of providing clear and straightforward advice to our clients.

Contact us today on 0151 318 5909 or fill out our online enquiry form.

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