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International Women’s Day: Government Marks Day With Report To End Violence

The government have marked International Women's Day by releasing an update on their campaign to end violence against women and girls.

The government began the campaign on the same day in 2011, aiming to prevent violence, improved working partnerships, better justice outcomes and reduce the risk of women.

Analysis Of Action Since 2011

The report outlined the progress the government has made in preventing domestic violence across the UK. Since 2011, the government has provided £40 million of funding over four years to support victims of sexual and domestic abuse. The report analysed the rolling out of Domestic Homicide Protection Orders and the Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme as well as the numerous pieces of legislation to prevent the exploitation of women and limit sexual offences.


The analysis highlighted the importance of agencies and campaigns working to end violence against women, such as the This Is Abuse Campaign, and successful events such as the Girl Summit. The report also highlighted the importance of reforming frontline agencies' response to driving a culture change in the police response through a review, new guidance and training for healthcare professionals as well as promotion of partnership approaches through the Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference.

Conviction Rates

The report also showed that there have been the highest ever number of convictions for violence against women since records began, with the government outline better detection processes rather than a general increase in violence against females. The report stated that such an increase was a result of greater support for commissioners, local structures and an increase in awareness and support for groups. There was also a 63% increase in the support to end violence against women across seas.

Also highlighted was the improvement in support for male victims through the Male Rape Support Fund and highlighted the importance of funding for the national helpline for male victims of domestic violence.

Clare’s Law

Arguably one of the most important changes to be made in England to tackle domestic violence was the introduction of Clare’s Law across the country. Clare’s Law, named after Clare Wood, who was killed by her partner who had a history of domestic violence, allows anyone to find out if their partner has had any history of domestic violence if they have reason to be concerned. In 2014, more than 1,300 disclosures were made informing partners of the history of their partner.

Clare’s law has been praised by many with the “right to ask” being one of the key features of the law. There were over 3,500 applications for information in England alone in 2014. Only 11% of requests in Merseyside led to information being released.

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