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Celebrity Couple Announce Divorce

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have announced their divorce in a joint statement the day after their tenth wedding anniversary.

The Hollywood A-listers who married in 2005 have three children and according to many media outlets are worth over $150 million. However, according to numerous sources, although Affleck will live on the same property as his former wife to take care of the children, the couple have no prenuptial agreement in place.

Reports indicate that the couple will liaise with business managers and use a mediator when negotiating the terms of their divorce. The negotiation could be drawn out due to the high number of properties owned by the couple, the success of both individuals and other factors such as syndication income. Despite the potential negotiation, the couple will share custody of their children.

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Making it easier for separating couples

When married couples or civil partners separate, the courts have a wide discretion to make financial orders. One important element of those orders is to ensure that the financial needs of both partners are met.

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