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Brendan Rodgers in Court to Finalise Divorce

Liverpool FC manager Brendan Rodgers has been in court in an attempt to finalise his multi-million-pound divorce from his wife of thirteen years.

It has been revealed that one of the stumbling blocks for the divorce is the 102 properties that the couple own, with the buy-to-let empire set to be valued as part of the financial settlement. According to some legal sources, Mrs Rodgers who has two children with the current Anfield boss is seeking half of her husband's wealth. Rodgers, who is set to remain as the Liverpool boss until 2018, earns at least £5 million per year prior to bonuses, and will earn at least £20 million by the time his contract expires.

Using this capital the manager has also built a massive rental property empire with his business partner Judith O’Hagan. For an accurate settlement to be found, the court is valuing the houses and assessing how much his soon to be ex-wife could be entitled to.

Mrs Rodgers went before a family court in London asking for a ruling on the amount of maintenance she should receive from her ex-husband. Her lawyer said: “Susan is saddened that after a relationship spanning 24 years she had to go to court to secure sufficient maintenance from her husband.”

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