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Money is the cause of most couples' arguments

The results of a survey into conflict between couples have shown that money is a common cause of conflict at every stage of a couple's relationship.

The study, by American companies XO Group and Chase Card Services, polled more than 2,100 engaged, married or pregnant women across XO Group websites, and found that money is at the root of arguments at every lifestage. For example, half of engaged couples argue about money and finances while planning their wedding. And one-third of married couples also argue about when to start a family, with more than half of these couples (61%) unsure if they have the money to have a family.

Honest and upfront conversations about financial priorities, as well as saving and spending styles, are the key to success, according to Rachana Bhatt, director, Chase.

"Wedding planning, marriage, home buying and raising a child are all major money decision moments," said Bhatt. "Keep the lines of communication open, talk to your spouse or partner in a language they understand, and develop a financial plan that works for both of you and your budgets."

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