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Introduce Blame Free Divorces According to Senior Judge

One of the UK’s most senior judges believes that adultery should be removed as a reason for divorce in order to create blame free divorces. Baroness Hale believes that such a development would end bitter divorce battles.

Under English law, current divorces must state one of the five reasons available for ending a marriage, including adultery. However, the top female judge does not believe that such a reason should be worthy of a divorce. As well as the other reasons for divorce such as unreasonable behaviour, desertion of two or more years, two years’ separation with consent of five years’ separation without consent, Hale wishes to add another.

Blame Free Divorce

The judge believes that by adding a “no-fault” rule it would remove any of the animosity and bitterness that can often plight divorces. The judge also stated that by allowing couples to have a cool-off period in-between discussions and space away from each other, it may potentially save the marriage. Judge Hale stated that such action would make each party more reasonable when discussing matters of finance and children, and could potentially save money by reducing the amount of cases taken to court.

In an interview with The Times she said: “We should make it take longer to get a divorce and encourage people to sort out what happens to the home, children, money before, rather than after, they get a divorce."

Lady Hale, who first suggested the amendment 20 years ago, has had support from numerous mainstream media publications and other judges. Sir Paul Coleridge, a former family High Court judge and chairman of the Marriage Foundation said: "Lady Hale, a complete expert with decades of experience across this whole field, is entirely right."

Obtaining A Divorce

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