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Rise in Elderly Divorces Across UK

A study has revealed that there has been a substantial increase in the number of people obtaining a divorce after the age of 60 than ever before.

The rise of the number of people obtaining a divorce later on in life certainly does not appear to be a new trend with the number of people getting divorced after 60 rising since the early 1990s. The continued rise in those aged 60 plus obtaining a divorce comes despite the decline in the number of divorces seen in the rest of the UK age demographics.

Increasing Number of Elderly Divorces

In 2011, nearly 9,500 men in this age group divorced - an increase of almost three-quarters compared with 20 years earlier with the trend for women being relatively similar. An earlier report by the International Longevity Centre (ILC-UK) showed that the number of divorcees over 60 had increased by 85%  between 1990 and 2012. Based on the trends seen in the report, if the same percentage of divorces occurred, over 60s divorces would account for 10% of all divorces by 2037 with over 22,000 males expected to be obtaining a divorce by that time.

Ben Franklin, of ILC-UK, who wrote the report, said: "A growing number of older people experiencing divorce presents significant challenges at an individual and societal level.

"Increasing divorce rates and numbers might result in greater isolation, illness and a need for more formal care.

"Individuals don't expect to divorce so when it happens, and many find themselves in very difficult financial circumstances.

"At any age it is vital that individuals seek out relationship support. The rising number of divorces amongst the over 60s is something that policymakers, charities and services providers should factor-in when considering the potential vulnerabilities facing older people.”

Reasons for Separation

Many experts attempted to justify why there were many divorces at a later stage in life with some predicting that marriage later on in life meant that the marriage had seemed fresher than actuality. Others stated that those with children tended to be on their own after the age of 60 with children often leaving highlighting the issues. Some experts also stated that as people aged and searched for a pastime they felt that their relationship held them back.

Grounds for Divorce

In England,  there are five grounds for divorce that can justifiably lead to a divorce. These grounds for divorce are either adultery, unreasonable behaviour, desertion, you have lived apart for two years and both agree to divorce or you have lived apart for five years.

Many of the grounds for divorce such as physical abuse, violence, failure to pay child support or poor behaviour in general can be cited under unreasonable behaviour.

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