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Long-distance commuters run greater risk of divorce

The Umeå University in Sweden has recently published research which shows that while commuting to work can offer couples substantial benefits in terms of income and career opportunities, it can have a very negative effect on their relationships. According to the findings, the risk of separation or divorce is 40% higher among long-distance commuters than amongst couples who work closer to home.


The research has shown that there are two most likely outcomes to relationships that involve a long-distance commute. Relationships that can adapt to the working arrangement will survive, but those that fail to adapt are likely to come to an end. The findings indicate that it's the first years of long-distance commuting that are the most trying for a relationship. If a couple can live with the commute for the first few years, their relationship stands a much better chance of lasting, as the couple will have time to adapt to the commuting arrangement and develop strategies for coping.

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