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Domestic homicide reviews

Local areas are now required to undertake new action to tackle domestic homicide following any case where someone has been killed by their current or former partner.


Approximately two people are killed by their current or former partner each week in England and Wales. Domestic homicide reviews, which are now in effect include local partners such as the police, local authority, probation service, health service and voluntary partners and have been established under Section 9 of the Domestic Violence, Crime and Victims Act (2004).


Where a local area doesn’t undertake a review, the Secretary of State now has the power to direct a specific person or body to establish or participate in a review. This will ensure that lessons are learnt from each case and most importantly prevent future violence and deaths. It will also help improve local and national approaches to tackling domestic violence.


Home Secretary Theresa May said:

'From now on where someone has been killed by their current or former partner, a review takes place so that lessons can be learned to prevent future tragedies.'


'Domestic violence is a dreadful form of abuse – with some victims suffering for years at the hands of an abusive partner – this is one of the many actions we are taking forwards to help end violence against women.'

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