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CSA cracks down on non-paying parents

Recent figures released by the Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission have revealed that a record 868,700 children are receiving maintenance payments through the Child Support Agency (CSA).


The figures show that during the twelve months ending in June this year, the CSA collected or arranged a total of £1,159.6m. Over £2million has been forcibly deducted from the bank accounts of indebted parents, and 950 parents are at risk of losing their homes if they do not pay.


Non-financial penalties have also been imposed, with over 1,000 parents who refused to pay child support receiving suspended prison sentences, and around 165 receiving suspended driving bans.


Work and Pensions Minister Maria Miller said: "Most separated parents want to support their children without interference from the state. But there is still an irresponsible hardcore trying to avoid their legal duty."


"Our reforms will provide greater support to help more parents make their own collaborative, family-based arrangements which will in turn free-up the state service to chase those who do not meet their financial responsibility to their children."


Parents unable to make their own arrangements will be able to apply to a new, simpler and more efficient child maintenance service.  


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